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A full day Marrakech Sightseeing Tour

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Marrakech: The Beating Heart of Tourism in Morocco. To make the most of the trip, we are happy to put you in the hands of our reliable, experienced and friendly guides.

The city highlights:

  • Majorelle Gardens

  • The Koutoubia mosque (from outside)

  • The Saadian Tombs

  • The Bahia Palace

  • The Souks (a guide is definitely needed)

  • Jemaa El Fna Square

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Tour Plan

Majorelle Gardens Explore a botanical touristic garden

A botanical touristic garden, which is almost 1 hectare (10000 m2), and contains about
300 species of plants brought from different parts of the world. It is called after its founder-
the French artist and painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) - He created it in 1931, having
inspired the sea from the oasis, the Islamic garden. Yves Saint Laurent- the French
designer and his partner Pierre Bergé bought the garden in 1980. Yves Saint Laurent died in
2008, and now the garden belongs to Majorelle Garden Foundation.
It is receives almost 600 000 visitors every year, which makes it the most visited garden
in Marrakech.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Yves Saint Laurent Museum was open in October 2017. For Pierre Berger, it all makes sense to build a museum in Morocco, devoted to the works of Yves Saint Laurant, especially considering the fact that the colours and the shapes of his clothes owe so much to this country.
The Museum is 4000 m2. It contains a room where Yves Saint Laurent's works are
exhibited, another devoted to Jacques Majorelle, rooms for temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists, including Moroccans, and an auditorium of 150 seats. It also includes a library where we find 5000 books about different topics such as Botanics, Berber art, etc.

The Berber museum.

It was inaugurated by the King of Morocco in 2011. it is housed in the former painting studio of the artist Jacques Majorelle.
It provides a detailed description and clear idea about the extraodinary creativity of the Berbers-the most ancient people in North Africa. It contains more than 600
objects, collected from the Rif Mountains to the Sahara, by Pierre Bargé and Yves Saint Laurent, which shows the richness and diversity of this vibrant culture.
All the items are exhibited in a different space, each space devoted to a particular theme.
Before getting to the exhibition rooms, we are presented with an overview of the history of the Berbers (Imazighen)-the indigenous people of Morocco, as well as a map showing the location of major Berber tribes throughout the country. Audiovisual elements are used in the museum to enhance the visitors appreciation of Beber culture.
"Since my arrival in Marrakech in 1966, I have remains fascinated by the Berber art and culture. Over the years, I have collected and admired this art which extends over many countries at the same time.
The Berbers have always been rightly pround of their culture, and have not ceased to reclaim their identity, in spite of the vicissitudes they have faced. In Marrakech, in Berber country, in the Jardin Majorelle, which was created by an artist who painted so many scenes of Berber men and women, the idea of this museum occured to us quite naturally".

The beautiful Villa Oases The most visited tourist site in Morocco

One of the homes belonging to Yves Saint Laurant and Pierre Bergé in Marrakech. This landmark property is connected to the Majorelle Garden- the most visited tourist site in Morocco. Both properties were originally created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886. 1968) who dedicated his life to create these enchanting gardens and houses, and kept the gardens open to the public. Yves Saint Laurant and Pierre Bergé bought the entire compound in 1980. They continued to let the garden open for the public, while the couple Kept Villa Oasis as their own private home. It is a stunning place made so special by the architect Bill Wills -interior designer Jacques Grange and garden designer Madison Cox.

Villa Oasis can be visited only on special occasions or by special invitations.

The Koutobia Mosque The largest mosque in Marrakech

The largest mosque in Marrakech. It took 76 years to be built (1120 - 1196) its architecture reflects very much the art of the Almohads- the Berber dynasty that built it. The minaret attached to the mosque is 77 meters (around 252 feet) high, It is the tallest building in the city. The mosque can take up to 20.000 people. .

The Saadian Tombs Royal cemetary

This is a Royal cemetary in Marrakech, dating back to 16th century. Royal members are burried in this necropolis, which belongs to the dynasty called " The Saadians". Its intricate and beautiful decoration is a major point of attraction for its visitors. The whole complex is situated in "The Kasbah" - a fortified section within the Medina (Medina means the old part of the town).

The Bahia Palace Century palace

It is an old 19th century palace (1866- 1900) which is 8 hectares big, including beautiful gardens. It is one of the famous sites in Morocco and can be seen as a jewel of Moroccan architecture. It was ruled by the Grand vizir and the regent Ahmed Ben Moussa, who had 4 legitimate wives and 24 concubines, with whom he had many children.

The palace is named after the most beautiful wife -"The Bahia".


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